Answered By: Debbie Lewis
Last Updated: Oct 12, 2017     Views: 35

The library will typically buy several copies of popular books, movies, CDs, etc. to try to meet the community's demand, so the answer would depend on whether you're asking about titles or copies.  For a popular book we might have twenty physical copies in regular print and two copies in large print.  This would count as one title with 22 copies.

As of September 2015, the library has:

  • 279,000 book titles (this includes physical books, books bundled with CDs, braille books, and Large Print books, but does not include eBooks) with 572,000 individual copies of those book titles
  • 27,000 DVD titles with 115,000 copies
  • 19,000 music CD titles with 39,000 copies
  • 11,000 audiobook CDs with 26,000 copies

We also have a number of downloadable titles:

  • 30,000 eBooks available through OverDrive
  • 8,000 downloadable audiobooks available through OverDrive

And we have 41,000 eBooks available through Safari Books (unlike the eBooks in OverDrive, these eBooks are not available to download but are online access only).