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Unfortunately, OverDrive has decided to call two different things "Bookshelf" even though they do different things.

The site's Bookshelf shows everything that you have checked out through OverDrive, regardless of whether it's downloaded onto any of your devices.  This is the Bookshelf accessible from the OverDrive collection, which you can also get to in the OverDrive app, by tapping the Menu icon (the three stacked lines at the top left) and then tapping "Alachua County Library District."  Once you're in the OverDrive collection, if you tap on Account and log in, you'll be taken to the site's Bookshelf, shown below. 

The Bookshelf on the OverDrive site typically shows the option of reading (or listening to) titles in the browser, and also typically shows the option of what format to download eBooks in.


Once you've downloaded a title from the site's Bookshelf, you'll get a message that the title has been added.  If you tap on the Menu icon again (the three stacked lines at top left) another Bookshelf will be listed there. 

Bookshelf, as listed in the OverDrive app's menu, is typically under the My Libraries section (which ends with 'Add a library')


This Bookshelf is the one which eBooks and audiobooks get downloaded onto, and it will only show what's been downloaded on that particular device.  Once a title has finished downloading, you can read or listen to it here with your WiFi off.

The Bookshelf in the OverDrive app will show only what's downloaded onto the device you're using right then.  There is a box at the end of the list saying 'Add a Title'.

I'm sorry for the confusion.

If the title still isn't showing for you once you log in to your account in the OverDrive collection, or if you have any other questions or comments, please let us know and we'll be happy to help.


eBranch / John

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