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Your OverDrive wish list is available from your Checkouts page (the person towards the top of the screen, between the three stacked lines and the question mark) at the ACLD OverDrive site.  Once you have logged in with your library ID, you should see an image of a clipboard called "Lists" (it might be towards the top right of the page, or in a sidebar on the right depending on the size of your screen); "Wish list" should be the first list linked on that page.

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  1. On Android, at least mine, tap the human figure icon first. Then the clipboard will come up. Tap that to bring up the various lists.
    If you are making a wish list, check it along the way. I spent an evening making a list of history books to read only to find none of them on my list when I checked a couple weeks later. I don't find Overdrive to be a very user friendly system. Neither does my husband, the computer geek.
    by reader on Jul 16, 2016.
  2. Thanks! We clarified the language so people know to click/tap on the person to get to the Checkouts page.

    We haven't run into that same problem with Wish Lists, but it does sound frustrating. If it happens again, or if you have any specific suggestions, please let us know and we can contact OverDrive about it.

    by eBranch - Alachua County Library District on Jul 27, 2016.