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OverDrive is no longer updating the app for the Nook Color, and so the Nook Color has the older version of the OverDrive app which required that people authorize through Adobe.  But app stores only carry the newest version of the app, and newer versions of the app prompt people to authorize through OverDrive.

Since the two apps are authorized through different services, OverDrive is mistakenly thinking that the devices are owned by two different people (even if they're authorized to the same email address, but through different services).

There are two ways to solve the problem.  Of these two, the first solution is probably going to be much more convenient, but I thought I'd mention them both.

  1. One way to solve the problem would be to wait until you've finished the eBooks which you're currently reading on the smartphone, then to de-authorize the OverDrive app on the smartphone and re-authorize it with an Adobe ID.  (If you de-authorized it and re-authorized it right now, it would not let you continue reading the eBooks which you've already downloaded.) 

    OverDrive has posted instructions on how to de-authorize the new version of the app and then re-authorize it through Adobe.
  2. A second way to solve the problem would be to download all OverDrive eBooks to your computer first and then to transfer them from Adobe Digital Editions to your Nook Color via USB.  For this to work, you would have to authorize Adobe Digital Editions through OverDrive, and you would not be able to borrow any eBooks on the Nook Color wirelessly if you wanted to read those same eBooks on your phone--all those downloads would have to be done through the computer.  As a result, I think this option would be much less convenient than the first one--but if you're interested in it, OverDrive has instructions on how to authorize Adobe Digital Editions through OverDrive, and we have instructions on how to transfer EPUB eBooks from your computer to your Nook via USB.

If you try one of these solutions and OverDrive still will not let you put the same eBook on both devices, please let us know and we'll be happy to help.


eBranch / John